live performances

I got asked by to do a New Zealand Music cover for New Zealand Music Month, 2019. I asked my friends on Facebook for opinions, and didn't reply to anyone for months because the amount of ideas they put forward was too daunting. I did listen to them all, though, and chose a song noone asked for: the much vaunted Anchor Me by the Mutton Birds. I'd been on tour playing in my pal Emily Fairlight's band and opening for Don McGlashan, who (duh) penned the song. And I had heard him play it every night on that tour and it was just epic as shit! We sang it in the car, albiet sometimes with rude altered lyrics. But the feeling stuck with me. So did the moment that my other pal Dick Whyte showed me Hide And Seek by Imogen Heep. If you've ever heard that song I'm sure you can hear the homage. The VB is real, no vfx.

One camera, three weirdos, about 10 people in the audience and you got the best damn live acoustic band set I ever put to tape. A real distillation of the songwriting and squeaky-ass singing voice from '2014' era Finn. Feat. Miles Calder guitar/vox, Dick Whyte bass/vox

In our last year of high school my friend Will Jackman approached me at a party with banjo in hand, and said 'here's a song that'll make you cry.' I did! Cry. But I hadn't left home at all at that point, so what was there to even cry about? Maybe it was like, inherited nostalgia. Or as Deanne Krieg would say, Hiraeth.

Here's me playing that song while I was on tour in Germany.

I pretty much hated this version the first time I heard it, because my falsetto sounds so out of tune. I emailed Sofar being like 'don't release it. Ever.' and then changed my mind when Dick Whyte said it was cool. Yeah I get it, Dick is influential. I get it. At least I think it was him who said that. Anyway, I left that coat at Meow the next week and never saw it again. I watched this tonight and was like 'I would never wear that now'. And it's like, yeah nuh duh, you lost it

So here I am, surrounded by ancient dinosaur bones and human skulls(!) in the German town of Müllenbach, playing a Felice Brothers song. I just remembered I shot another video that evening in some kind of boudoir-adjacent setting. I'll try and find it. I had something like 9 guinnesses that night. I don't know if that's a lot, it was for me.

An accompaniment to my interview for The Wireless promoting '2014', this one is me on my bed at my parents' place with all my instruments piled around me, looking verry fresh faced. Gussy and Ezra who make up the entirety of Earth Tongue produced this'un.